Use the links below to access the handouts currently used in the 2015 CORE seminars.

Both Termination of Agency and Listing Contracts have had material added to the course handouts to make the material more robust. Below is a list of recent additions.

Termination of Agency –

The Division information bulletin associated with the Duties Owed has been included.

The position statement relative to “While acting under the authority of their license” has been added after the Authorization to negotiate directly with seller.

A sample Exclusive right to represent buyer and agency agreement has been added along with definitions of the document and analysis.

Many of the aforementioned documents were taken from the previously taught class titled Disclosures in Agency Relationships and therefore implementing / including said instruction should be more easily accomplished.

Nevada Listing Contracts –

The pages that were previously duplicated have been removed.

A GLVAR Exclusive Right to sell and an Exclusive Agency agreement have been added to the packet of information. 

The Nevada Law and Ethics course handouts remain the same.