Use the links below to access the handouts currently used in the 2016 CORE seminars.

NOTE: These handouts will be used for any CORE topics taught on or after August 15 2016. (All courses taught prior to August 15 2016 will use the current 2015-2016 handouts)A

All courses have a new CE number. The law course remains the same but we have made subtle changes wherein a new CE number has been assisgned. (The next law will be released in early 2017)

Please review these handouts and prepare your lecture accordingly. Feel free to contact our offices to discuss any questions.


*This ethics course is recognized by NAR as the quad ethics requirement and thus fulfills said requirement.

Contracts course including the 2016 RPA – Contracts

Prior to October 2016 New RPA – Contracts




*This law is still based on the 2015 leg session. Next session is mid 2017. Use the same old packet we have been using until the 2017 session

**I have uploaded a great Real Estate Case Files book to provide as examples when teaching many elements of continuing education. Use this link to review: www.KeyNV.com/CaseFiles.pdf