man working in officeHave you decided to take a swing in the field of realty? Preparing to pursue a career in this field can be a great way to get yourself motivated to doing bigger and better things with your life, but it can be difficult to decide which courses to take when you’re ready to go to realty school. There are many career options when it comes to becoming a real estate agent that you can begin with, so knowing what kind of courses are available can be helpful with your choice.

 Real Estate Agent

The origin of any sub-genre in the real estate field begins with becoming an agent, so you’ll want to get all of that taken care of before trying to move forward to something else. To meet the 90 hours required by the state of Nevada, you can do things such as a real estate license course, home study, classroom study, and more. After you pass the PSI exam, you can move on to a different job in the field.

 Property Management

Going into the field of property management is another option once you have completed all of the other steps to becoming a real estate agent, because you must have a license. While you don’t need to take courses, they can be helpful in guaranteeing your success and you will eventually need a property management permit.

 Business Broker

Becoming a business broker may be a lot later in your journey, but it something to strive towards if you want to move beyond being a real estate agent. You must have a real estate license and broker license, but if you want to sell businesses, getting your business broker permit will benefit you more than you know. Nevada is one of the few states that require this permit for this kind of agent, so if you ever want to become a business broker, you need to be sure that you do everything required by the state.

All of these options are possible career paths for you, but you first have to contact Key Realty School to sign up for our real estate license course. We can help you begin a prosperous career in real estate.