woman using a smartphoneHave you installed the latest real estate apps on your phone? As you are finishing your courses for real estate licensing, Las Vegas can be the territory you dominate. Get one step closer to becoming a producer by making sure you utilize the technology and tools that make your job easier.

Here are 3 must-have apps every real estate agent should get:

A Mortgage Calculating App – Crunching numbers with a basic calculator can leave room for error. Also, while you may prepare figures for clients prior to meeting up, last minute changes might require that you run the numbers again. Clients may want to know potential options for longer or shorter mortgages. Be prepared to get answers quickly with a mortgage calculator at your fingertips.

A Document Scanner App- Printing and faxing paperwork is not always a practical way to exchange information. If you have a secure app that can create pdf’s, you can simplify procedures for getting signatures.

A Property Listing App –You may want to install a few of these. Try to find the ones your clients are using, so you are aware of what the listing they’ve been browsing. Showing your familiarity with these listings will help you connect with clients and determine how to best pitch properties that fit your client’s needs.