When people think about the types of career they’d like to work, they generally think in big pictures. March-2They want to work in the housing market, for example, but there are a lot more jobs than real estate agent. Whether you’re choosing your first career or you’re looking for a career change, enroll in inspection courses at the best real estate school if you think it might be the right job for you.

You Pay Attention to Details

Enroll in inspection courses at a Nevada real estate school and learn about the attention to detail that’s necessary for inspectors to succeed. There are problems properties often exhibit that are more common in the drier, hotter climate of Nevada, so it’s essential you study where you hope to become an inspector. Your eagle eye and careful analysis of issues will help you spot existing and would-be problems on properties of all sizes.

You Like Reliable Work and a Change of Pace

Work as an inspector and you’ll never be out of a job. Inspection is necessary not just before and after the sale of a property but at other points throughout a property’s existence to comply with local and federal laws. At the same time, while the job’s reliable, it takes you to new locations almost every day, so it’s great for someone who loves a change of pace.

You’re Fascinated by Architecture 

Inspectors don’t have to be designers, but they do have to have a real passion for design and architecture to spot issues in buildings and on properties.

Inspection is just one field of many related to the real estate industry that might be more suited to your personality and strengths than becoming a real estate agent. You don’t have to be a salesperson to do well in inspection. Contact Key Realty School today with any questions you have about the different kinds of real estate classes.