30 Hour Contracts and Agency Course

Key Realty School offers the 30 hour Contracts and Agency course as a stand alone Nevada Pre Licensing course. SB 230 increased the Pre Licensing hours required to activate a Nevada Real Estate license wherein many students may require the additional 30 hours as a stand along course to be in compliance with the requirement set forth in SB 230.

NOTE: This course is automatically included in any Nevada Principles and Law Real Estate Pre Licensing course

The 30 hour Contracts and Agency course is only available online. Enrolling students will be supplied within online course content. The student would review the content, practical examples and practice testing in preparation for the course final exam. Once the student feels comfortable with the content, the student is required to pass a course final exam to then be issued a certificate of education.

The practical curriculum includes course content surrounding:

  • Listing Contracts
  • Purchase Contracts
  • Agency Disclosures
  • Agent Responsibilities

Once the tuition is paid, the student will receive a user / student profile via email that allows the student to sign in and begin review the course content. The student must wait a minimum of 4 days prior to testing out of the course to receive the course certificate.

The tuition of the course is $99