Appraisal Pre Licensing Proctor Information

Click here to obtain a proctor form

Students enrolled in online appraisal pre licensing education must test via fax or email. The following list of steps are provided to assist the student in completing the testing / certificate process to complete the course of instruction:

1. The student should select a qualified proctor. A proctor is traditionally a disinterested third party. Additional information pertaining to qualified proctors can be found on the proctor form.

2. The student and the proctor should complete the required proctor form which can be obtained within the student course resource center.

3. The completed proctor form should be emailed ( to the school for processing.

4. The school will supply the proctor with a test access code via phone or email. The proctor will use said access code to unlock the test within the student resource center.

5. The student will take the unlocked test within the student resource center under proctored conditions.

6. Once the student passes the course final exam, students should view the results page and print out the results showing the exam was passed and the date it was passed. Students are to submit the results page and the proctor form (the same proctor form) to the school via email (

7. The school will create a certificate of education and return it to the student via email once processed.

Please contact the testing department with any questions: 800 472 3893