Nevada Real Estate Pre Licensing Course Options (Courses to obtain a license)

Nevada Real Estate Continuing Education (Courses to renew your license)

National Mortgage Lending Pre Licensing Course (Courses to obtain a license)

Nevada Property Management Permit course (Courses to obtain the permit)

Nevada Business Sales Permit course (courses to obtain the permit)

California Real Estate Pre Licensing course (Courses to obtain the license)


Black Friday Policies –

Policies pertaining to courses enrolled using the Black Friday weekend tuition specials

  1. Enrolling students are still required to abide by all traditional school policies noted within the standard 2021 school policies guide.
  2. Enrolling students are also subject to the following additional modified terms and conditions.
    1. Classroom courses: All course work must be completed within 12 months of the enrollment date.
    2. Online courses: All course work must be completed within 6 months of the enrollment date.

i.      Except for Nevada Real Estate Continuing education wherein the student is afforded 2 years to complete the education.

  1. Students who have enrolled in a similar program are not able to withdraw and re-enroll as these tuition rates are only applicable to students enrolling during the specific four day period. No upgrades can be made from online or home study packages wherein the fee can be prorated based on Black Friday pricing.
  2. Students must enroll online through the online enrollment system to be afforded the specific four day tuition rates.
  3. Any representation of lowest tuition may imply lowest tuition to date for the year or lowest tuition to be posted to date.
  4. These offers cannot be combined with any other coupons or offers.
  5. Defined date range of Black Friday Weekend Sale is November 24th 2021 to November 28th 2021 at 1159PM EST / 859PM Pacific Time.
  6. Course materials for classroom courses are not shipped unless specific arrangements are made with the admissions office. (An additional shipping fee will be required)
  7. Though new products and services may become available in 2022, students enrolling at these discounted tuitions will not be automatically afforded with said new resources. Add on options will be available.
  8. All other policies within the school catalog are applicable. Click here to review the school catalog of policies and procedures.