This page is specifically designed for real estate pre licensing students who are have been referred by the Brodkin Group. Your relationship will ensure a discounted registration fee in the real estate pre licensing program. NOTE: The tuition fees noted on this page are only available to students enrolling by November 22nd 2015.



This page provides classroom only options. Students who are interested in the home study or online course formats should click here to visit the course main page.

The 90 hour Nevada Real Estate Pre Licensing course is designed for a student who does not hold or has never held a license in Nevada or another state. Students who have prior licensed experience are encouraged to contact the school for an independent evaluation of student credentials.



The Key Realty School Nevada Real Estate Pre Licensing classroom course is designed to fit any schedule. The course curriculum is based on the 4 main subjects that make up the Nevada Real Estate licensing exam.

  1. Realty
  2. Agency
  3. Finance
  4. Nevada Law

Each of the four topics represent one week of classroom instruction. The four topics are completely independent of each other. Therefore, a new one of the four subjects begin every week (Mondays) and a student may begin any Monday. (A NEW class begins every Monday. Enrollment prior to the start date is recommended) Classes are taught in the following Morning and Evening tracks:

  • Morning 9AM to 1:30PM Monday through Friday
  • Evening 6PM to 10:30PM Monday through Friday

Though recommended, classroom attendance is not mandatory. Classroom students are able to come in late, leave early or miss days. The Key to the course is understanding all 4 of the topics and utilizing all resources provided to learn all 4 of the topics. The course can be completed in the traditional 4 week study plan, a 2 week full time schedule, a 1 week cram session or over an extended period if the student needs to repeat any portion of the course.

  • The 4 week traditional – The student selects the morning or night track time and attends the course thus learning 1 subject per week.
  • The 2 week full time – The student attends the course both morning and night to learn 2 subjects per week. The student would therefore be taught all 4 subjects in the 2 week time frame.
  • The 1 week cram – The hardest of the four subjects (Nevada Law and Realty) are taught both morning and night. The student utilizes the home study and online resources to learn the subjects of Agency and Finance. All four subjects are learned in 1 week.
  • The Extended – The course is always provided to the student as a membership and the intent of the course is to provide the student with the ability to pass the Nevada licensing exam / obtain the Nevada Real Estate license. Every student has the ability to attend / repeat the course as needed until the student has the Nevada Real Estate license. No expiration and no limitation to the Key Guaranteed Pass program.
    • Regardless of the timeline selected, students are not required to inform the school of their plans relative to course completion timeline. The membership principle allows the student to attend in the time frame that works best for the student.

Students who are absent are encouraged to use all home study course materials to learn the curriculum presented at the time of the absence. Course materials include:

  • The ability to attend the class without expiration or limitation until the student is granted the license
  • Classroom workbooks
  • National Reference Guide
  • Nevada Reference Guide
  • Over 2000 Test Questions and Answers
  • 5 Summary Audio CD’s
  • National Review CD ROM or Equivalent in Online Course Review
  • Online Practice Testing
  • Online Course Study
    • *The online course study includes access to the entire course pre-recorded and broadcast via streaming video.


The Basic Nevada Real Estate Pre Licensing Classroom Course – The basic pack includes the classroom course at a tuition of $299

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The Works Nevada Real Estate Pre Licensing Classroom Course – The works pack includes the classroom course and the one day test prep seminar at a tuition of $330

Click here to enroll in the classroom course works pack




The Deluxe Nevada Real Estate Pre Licensing Classroom Course – The deluxe pack includes the classroom course, the one day test prep seminar and the additional exam prep software guide at a tuition rate of $399

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