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Special In Class 3 Day Training Course

This training session will be taught by Toby Tatum who wrote and designed many of the business broker textbooks and training manuals currently used in the field. The session will take place from 9AM to 6PM each day with an hour lunch break each day. All students enrolling in this training session will be automatically enrolled in the home study and online course noted below with the ability to attend the in class training session to better their success on the state licensing exam and within the field.

Benefits of the seminar:

1.       Business Income Approach Valuation and Pricing Excel Workbook.

This Excel workbook is designed for main street business brokers.  It is very user friendly and produces four separate business valuation and pricing worksheets plus a Seller’s Estimated Proceeds From Sale worksheet and a Buyer’s Estimated Cash Requirements worksheet.  This Excel workbook together with the Market Approach Excel workbook provides students with a collection of small business valuation and pricing tools that will enable them to confidently offer small business owners with business value and pricing opinions.  This workbook alone is worth the price of the course.

2.       Business  Income Approach Valuation and Pricing Excel Workbook Power Point presentation.  This one 1 hour, 45 minute presentation is a fully automated and narrated user’s instruction manual for the Excel Business Broker’s Workbook.

3.       Market Approach Business Valuation and Pricing Excel Workbook

4.       Market Approach Business Valuation and Pricing Power Point presentation.  This 30 minute presentation is a fully automated and narrated user’s instruction manual for the Excel Market Approach Business Valuation and Pricing workbook.

5.       Power Point presentation titled The Mathematics and Magic of Seller Financing. This one hour fully automated and narrated Power Point presentation is the most thorough discussion on the topic of seller financing in the world.

6.       Demonstration set of recast financial statements

7.       Two sample Confidential Buyer’s Review reports

8.       A copy of Toby’s book titled Turning Black Ink Into Gold: How to Increase Your Company’s Profitability and Market Value Through Excellent Financial Performance Reporting, Analysis and Control

Seminar Dates: May 29-31 2015

Times: 9AM to 6PM (1 Hour lunch each day at noon)

Location: Seminar will be taught at 3650 East Flamingo Las Vegas Nevada 89121

NOTE: Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops to the session as the instructor will be using Excel in the class seminar.

Tuition Fee: $295

This seminar requires a minimum number of students to take place. All tuition will be refunded in full if the minimum number of students required to hold the seminar is not met. Maximum number of students not to exceed 25.   

Online Course

Nevada requires a business broker permit to represent the interests of a client in the sale of a business. The business broker permit is a permit that can only be obtained by active Nevada salespersons, brokers or broker salespersons. The state of Nevada does require 24 hours of Business Broker Permit education to meet the education requirements required for permit application.

The Business Broker Home Study and Online course provides the student with all of the content needed to prep for the Nevada Business Brokerage examination. The course material is presented in a physical copy while the course completion test is taken online. Students must review the course content and curriculum for a minimum of 3 days prior to testing out of the course to receive the course certificate. The average student spends 2 to 4 weeks reviewing the content before testing out of the course.

The Course tuition is $199 includes the student workbook that will be used throughout the duration of the program as well as the online final completion / certificate exam. Course materials are automatically shipped to the student at the time of enrollment.

For the purpose of this statute, a business is further defined as an entity that reports a period to period profit or loss as a direct result of goods or services not directly resulting from the real property. At least 50% of the revenue or conceivable revenue must be generated from a good or service not directly related to the real property. An example of a business within this statute would be: A restaurant or bar, a furniture store, a pharmacy, a office supply center and other businesses not related to real property. An example of a business directly related to real property or at least 50% of revenue generated from the real property are: A ranch or farm, a hotel, an apartment complex or anything of similar business practice.