Does the prospect of attending a 4 year college seem overwhelming in work, dedication and money? There are many alternatives to a traditional 4 year university option. It can be understood that the general population believes the only way to success consists of entering a 4 year program to make the most amount of money later in life. This cannot be further from the truth in the current economic state of the US.  Here are a few great alternatives that can be profitable and enjoyable for those looking to avoid a 4 year university.
Trade Options – Are you motivated by using your hands to create something or just looking to avoid a typical “office” job? Try out trades such as painting, masonry, woodworking, construction and photography. Many of these positions can be learned through an apprenticeship which can be paid while working towards a new skillset.

Real Estate – Acquiring your real estate license can be a great option if you are looking for a flexible schedule with limited time “getting dirty” on the job. There is high income potential for a real estate agent if you are willing to put in the hard work it takes in the beginning to build your personal brand.