As mentioned in the previous post, it may not be a great decision of each individual to pursue a 4 year education after high school to vocational schooling. There are other options for people of any age to try out a new career. It can also be much more cost effective to attend a shorter schooling program or licensing to avoid crippling debt through conventional 4 year higher education.

Keep an Open Mind – Think outside the box when considering your new career move. There are many jobs that can make a decent salary while not requesting more than a high school education. Examples include: Construction Supervisor (salary approx. $60k), Casino Manager (salary approx. $65k) and Elevator Installer (salary approx., $77K).

Property Inspector – A home inspector makes approximately $55k per year. This career can be a great opportunity for individuals who have previously worked in construction, or other home improvement rolls and now want a more consistent career.  Once you receive your home inspection license, you can then begin to market yourself to local realtors, construction companies and individuals looking to purchase a new property. Creating your own personal brand can be the backbone of a successful career as a property inspector.