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Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Being a real estate agent is like starting your own business, even though you will work with a real estate broker. The first two requirements are to be a U.S. resident and be at least 18 or 19 years old, depending on the state. Here are the steps to becoming a real estate agent. Pre-Licensing […]

Tips on Dressing Professionally as a Real Estate Agent

If you become a real estate agent, then you will have many decisions to make. Will I work part-time or full-time? Where should I attend real estate school? Once I am an agent, what should I wear? How much time you devote to your career will depend on your needs. A real estate school in […]

How to Get a Real Estate License Through a Realty School

Just like any other type of education, getting a Nevada real estate license has eligibility requirements, key concepts that you will need to be familiar with, and the individual needs to have the financial ability to pay the fees associated with tuition and application status. For the state of Nevada there are specific state requirements […]

Real Estate School: Online or Classroom?

If you’ve decided to become a real estate agent, both the real estate school in Reno, NV you choose and the style of classes you take can have a big impact on your career. Online and classroom education both have their pros and cons. Read on to discover which might be best for you. Online […]

Choosing a Real Estate School

Real estate can be an extremely rewarding career. However, it’s important to get your Nevada real estate license from a quality, accredited school. The following are several things to consider when choosing a real estate school. Track Record It’s important to do some research and find out how long the school has been in business, […]

Why Key Realty School Is the Best for Nevada Realty School Certification

The Nevada housing market can be incredibly lucrative for the right realtor. It’s a competitive market and you need the absolute best tools you can have in order to succeed, and that means getting the best education you can. Key Realty School has been a leader in realty education for decades, and it’s the best […]

Preparing for Realty School

A realty school education can massively increase your odds of landing a lucrative job in the industry. The best educational opportunities will be ones that give you a chance to learn from real professionals with a history of experience in the industry. You’ll get a chance to learn not just the legal stuff you have […]

Successful Staging for New Nevada Real Estate Agents

So, you’ve decided to become a real estate agent! One of the best perks of working in Las Vegas, or really anywhere in Nevada, is seeing all the unique and gorgeous homes—those you’re selling and those you’re helping your clients find. Staging is an important aspect of making these homes attractive, so here are a […]


Harcourts has a unique relationship with Key Realty School wherein Harcourts students are afforded discounted tuition for the Nevada Real Estate Pre Licensing course. The course recommended is the pre licensing home study course as it will complement Harcourts licensing guidance. Additional guidance relative to the Harcourts suggested licensing process should be directed to Harcourts […]