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an agent reviewing real estate broker best practices

Successful Real Estate Broker Best Practices

The real estate market is filled with ups and downs. When starting out as a new real estate broker, it can be overwhelming to handle all of the new responsibilities of managing your own team of agents while growing your business. So why not follow some tried and true real estate broker best practices and […]

How to Get Your Broker’s License in Nevada

Real estate agents are discovering that the next step to advancing their career is to become a broker. As a broker, you will also be capable of handling the financial side of the real estate transaction process. There are certain requirements you must fulfill in order to get your broker’s license. They may vary from […]

an agent reviewing real estate broker best practices

What to Expect From Nevada Broker Pre-Licensing Courses

Have you attained your real estate license and are now thinking of becoming a broker? Before taking your first steps to advance your career, make sure you have a basic understanding of what to expect from the required courses to become a broker: Broker Management This course is designed to teach prospective real estate brokers […]

When Should You Start Your Own Brokerage?

Running your own business is a demanding job, but one that has the potential to be very rewarding. Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Has the idea of being your own boss, leading a team and building a brand always appealed to you? Starting your own brokerage could be a next step for you. Determine […]

What is an NMLS -approved Mortgage School?

As you evaluate your options for mortgage lending courses in Nevada, you may notice that certain schools are listed as “an NMLS Approved Course Provider.” Understanding the significance of this designation can help you evaluate if Key Realty School is the right place for you. The NMLS, or Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System, is an organization […]

Balancing Broker Licensing Courses and Work

For some of us, life is a balancing act of working full-time and taking courses in the evenings and on the weekend. Not everyone has the luxury of dedicating their time completely to school. Fortunately, the courses for broker licensing in Nevada can be taken slowly. This allows you to chip away towards your goal […]

How to Become a Licensed Broker for Nevada Online

Whether you have always had an interest in real estate or are just finding a budding interest for it now, residents of the state of Nevada have the option of choosing this career path through Key Realty, a licensing school for real estate brokers. For those who are interested in this career path, it will […]

What to Look For in an Ideal Real Estate Brokerage

Thinking of changing careers? The real estate market is a prime one to get into. Forget about being tied down to a desk and repeating the same monotonous tasks day in and day out. Being a real estate agent means interacting with all kinds of different people, having a flexible schedule, and having the potential […]

How to Become a Mortgage Lender in Nevada

A mortgage lender is the entity that provides the funds to the buyer so that they can purchase a property, often a house or commercial building. A lender will retain the mortgage on the property and ensure that it is secured. In the state of Nevada there are several requirements needed in order to get […]

How to Obtain a Mortgage Lending License With Key Realty

Just like any other type of education, getting a Mortgage Lending License requires each student to learn about key concepts associated specifically with this area of study, plus the individual needs to have the financial ability to pay the fees associated with tuition and application status. For the state of Nevada, there are specific state […]

Choosing a Realty School That Has a Large Selection of Courses

When it comes to real estate education, choosing a school that offers a large selection of courses that are associated either directly with real estate, or are related to the field is important for obtaining the most generalized education. By choosing a school that has a large variety, a student who is seeking a real […]

How to Get a Real Estate License Through a Realty School

Just like any other type of education, getting a Nevada real estate license has eligibility requirements, key concepts that you will need to be familiar with, and the individual needs to have the financial ability to pay the fees associated with tuition and application status. For the state of Nevada there are specific state requirements […]