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Tips for Improving Your Property Management Firm’s Online Presence

As the world of advertising shifts from traditional print to online strategies, some property management firms struggle to keep up with the times. You could be missing out on hundreds of new applicants every month without an online presence. Here are some of our tips for improving the online presence of your property management firm: […]

Key property management

What Can Key Property Management Do For You?

Whether you are searching for a home to lease or looking for one of the best property management services in Las Vegas, Key Property Management of Las Vegas provides a full range of services for residential and commercial property management. Marketing for Maximum Exposure – Keeping track of online listings and advertising for rental properties […]

The Difference Between Property Management and a Community Association Management

With so many similarities between a Property Management license and a Community Association Management license, it can be hard to determine which is more beneficial for the career path you have in mind. Although some duties of a property manager and community manager will sometimes crossover with each other, the general responsibilities and expectations can […]

What Will Our Key Property Management in Las Vegas Courses Train You For?

So you’re interested in launching a new career in the exciting world of real estate with our Key Property Management in Las Vegas courses. But what exactly will a career in property management entail? Here’s what you can expect: Rent: Property managers are responsible for setting, collecting, and adjusting rent. They understand the market where their […]

Insider Tips for Property Managers

Insider Tips for Property Managers

Are you transitioning from being involved in home buying and selling to becoming a property manager? Adjusting to this new role can be daunting at first. After completing your real estate school education and gaining practical experience as an agent, you are equipped with valuable skills. As you elevate your responsibilities to the next level, […]

What Is A Community Association Manager?

A community association manager works as the supervisor of a condominium, apartment complex or housing development. The major duties include overseeing professionals working on the infrastructure, making sure that the tenants are happy and provided for, and possibly involved in the sales and rental of the properties. Here are some of the basics once you […]

The Benefits of a Property Management Career!

If you are looking at real estate as a career option, but don’t want to necessarily be a salesperson or someone who deals with the mortgage aspects, then property management might be for you. A property manager will be responsible for any action related to the rental of the property. This includes managing portfolios of […]

How Quickly Can You Earn and Renew Your Property Management Permit?

While not all real estate agents need a property management permit, everyone who wants an activated property management permit does need to have an active real estate license. You can, however, begin pursuing your property management permit before you have a real estate license and you should if you plan to have both. Even so, […]

Top Qualities of a Great Property Manager

Are you considering a career in real estate as a property manager? Maybe you are new to the field and would like to know favored qualities of a property manager? Key Realty School can help you get the education you need with Key Realty Property Management courses, but here are a few qualities that a […]