Real Estate Education

Can I Work While I Am Studying for My Real Estate License?

Whether you’re searching for a new side hustle or thinking about a complete career shift, life can be overwhelming. You might be juggling a full-time job while working toward attaining your real estate license. While it’s possible to simultaneously work and study for your real estate license exam, it’s important to know your pre-licensing options. […]

What Topics are Covered in Pre-Licensing School?

As you research how to get a real estate license in Nevada, you may be wondering what topics are covered in the required education classes. Nevada requires a total of 90 education hours. So what should you expect to cover in your real estate courses? The four topics covered in a pre-licensing school are based […]

Professional Development in Real Estate

So, you’ve been an active agent in real estate for some time. You love what you do. But you’re ready to grow within the business, advance your career through expertise, continued education, and certification. You want to stand out and keep yourself on the top of your game. In order to increase your marketability, you’ll […]

Perks of Having Your Real Estate License, Part II

As you finish completing your pre-real estate licensing courses, it’s time to start looking at the horizon and figuring out what it’s going to take to make it in the real estate industry. To help propel you into your career and understand what you have to look forward to, here are some of the perks […]

Perks of Having Your Real Estate License, Part I

Have you found yourself drawn more and more into the real estate world, but still feel unsure of whether or not this is the right path for you? As you navigate the waters to determine what your next job will be, take a moment to consider some of these perks of getting and using a […]

What Is A Community Association Manager?

A community association manager works as the supervisor of a condominium, apartment complex or housing development. The major duties include overseeing professionals working on the infrastructure, making sure that the tenants are happy and provided for, and possibly involved in the sales and rental of the properties. Here are some of the basics once you […]

Career Alternatives to College: Part II

As mentioned in the previous post, it may not be a great decision of each individual to pursue a 4 year education after high school to vocational schooling. There are other options for people of any age to try out a new career. It can also be much more cost effective to attend a shorter […]

Career Alternatives to College: Part I

Does the prospect of attending a 4 year college seem overwhelming in work, dedication and money? There are many alternatives to a traditional 4 year university option. It can be understood that the general population believes the only way to success consists of entering a 4 year program to make the most amount of money […]

Using Technology to Your Advantage as Real Estate Agent

It can be easy to be intimidated by the ever-changing world of technology. Watching people turn to a smart phone rather than a real estate agent when they have questions can make your job more difficult. But rather than relying on just your education from real estate licensing school, continue your learning by discovering how […]

Real Estate: For a Brighter Tomorrow

When pursuing a career in the real estate, it can be difficult initially. However, there are a few steps that can help you get on the right track after you have accomplished the Nevada real estate requirements to pass your testing and receive your license. Here are a few of the basics to setting yourself […]

Real Estate: For a Brighter Tomorrow: Part II

At the beginning of your real estate career it is important to understand your role as a commission-based, self-employed manager of your own time. This includes a lot of self-discipline to accomplish in the creation of your personal brand. Continue to find out how Nevada real estate school can help you be ready to graduate […]

What are the Requirements for a Property Management Permit in Nevada?

Have you been considering taking that next step in your real estate career and getting your property manager permit? Learning the requirements for property management licensing in Nevada can help you decide if this should be your next career move. Prior to applying for a property management permit, you will need to obtain a Nevada […]