Real Estate Education

Nevada Real Estate Licensing Hours Categories

Whether you’ve always dreamed of being in real estate or are just choosing to make a career change, residents of the state of Nevada who are interested in this career path can expect a career that allows you to choose and shape the success that you have. Essentially, discipline and motivation are two factors that […]

3 Courses You Can Take at Realty School

Have you decided to take a swing in the field of realty? Preparing to pursue a career in this field can be a great way to get yourself motivated to doing bigger and better things with your life, but it can be difficult to decide which courses to take when you’re ready to go to […]

Getting Your Real Estate License in Nevada

If you’re ready to pursue a career in real estate, you have probably begun researching some of the steps you’ll have to take and how long the process can be. It is generally a quick process for many individuals willing to get their license, but because every state is different, getting your Nevada real estate […]

Is a Career in Real Estate Right for You?

There are often misconceptions about becoming a real estate agent because most individuals don’t know what the career entails. Once you have started getting the correct amount of education and begun the process of getting your real estate license, you have to decide whether or not this career is right for you. Instead of getting […]

How to Get a Real Estate License through a Realty School

Just like any other type of education, real estate licensing in Las Vegas has eligibility requirements, key concepts that individuals need to be familiar with and each individual must be able to pay the fees associated with tuition and application status. For the state of Nevada there are specific state requirements that you will need […]

Why Choose Key Realty: Real Estate Education

Whether you are looking for an online course option, a home study or a classroom setting, there are plenty of schools in Nevada State that provide prospecting students with real estate education. Key Realty, a real estate school of Nevada, is a northern Nevada post-secondary institute that has over nine different courses related to the […]

What to Do After High School

It’s important to try and keep yourself busy and occupied after you have graduated college. Many students are unsure of what they want to do as far as careers go, but staying in school is more important than anything because once you leave, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to go back. There are […]

Finding the Right Job in Las Vegas

In one of the biggest and most exciting cities in the United States, you want to be sure that you’re finding a career that will lead you to success in such an overpopulated location. Sure, there are plenty of jobs throughout the city that can offer you a successful lifestyle, but you’ll want to choose […]

How to Obtain Post Licensing Education in Real Estate

For students in Nevada who have completed their first year of education in Nevada real estate law and are looking to do their first Nevada real estate license renewal, may want to take a post licensing course. This course looks at helping students maintain the level of knowledge that they need throughout the sales process […]

Is Getting a Real Estate Degree Necessary?

Pursuing a career in real estate is something that many people strive to do. It’s an exciting way to reach out to customers on a personal level and offer them something that everyone dreams of having — their own home. As satisfying as the job is, it is also one of the easier fields to […]

Is the Field of Real Estate Right for You?

Choosing a career is never easy for anyone. It is something that you are going to want to do for the rest of your working days, so it’s important to find work in a field that you enjoy and can feel the most accomplished in. For many people, going into real estate is one of […]

How Do Real Estate Agents Get Paid?

Choosing a career in real estate is a popular one among many professionals across the country, and for good reason. It provides agents with a flexible schedule, the opportunity to interact with all types of people, and offers the chance to really make a sizable income. Speaking of income, many newbies in this realm may […]