Certificate Archives

This page is specifically designed to provide students with access to certificates for recently completed specific classroom course work ONLY. Certificates are posted by class title and date. Select the class title and date from the list available to print view all certificates in PDF format. Certificates are posted in alphabetical order. When printing your certificate REMEMBER to print ONLY your certificate by selecting the print range or current page within your print options. NOTE: Printed copies of certificates are acceptable by state licensing agencies. Postings may only be available for 90 days. Contact the school admissions office if you require a certificate for a course that was taken more than 90 days prior. Certificates for completed courses are traditionally posted the business day after the culmination of all courses within the course offering pool or block of seminars.

Certificates are posted by course date and in alphabetical order of attending students.

Please contact the school admissions office with any questions or if your certificate does not appear within the class image file.

2015 Archived Certificates

2014 Archived Certificates