When it comes to real estate education, choosing a school that offers a large selection of courses that are JAN3-real-estate-school-reno-nvassociated either directly with real estate, or are related to the field is important for obtaining the most generalized education. By choosing a school that has a large variety, a student who is seeking a real estate license, will be able to get a feel for what type of area of real estate they wish to practice. The Key Realty real estate school in Reno, NV has six different areas that a student can either choose to study or specialize in.

Areas of Possible Study at Key Realty

At Key Realty, there are six general areas of study. They include the following:

  • Real Estate: Provides training to students in real estate licensing, broker licensing, test preparation, and continued education.
  • Appraisal: Both classroom and online training courses are available to students who want to activate or maintain their appraisal license.
  • Inspection: Inspection training is done through both academics as well as practical training. The course prepares students both for state testing and the field. For those looking to activate or renew their license, Key Realty offers specific coursework related to those key areas.
  • Mortgage Lending: Offers both National and State specific approved training programs that are designed to comply with mortgage licencing requirements. All of the courses offered at Key Realty are approved by the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System.
  • Property Management: Pre-permit education and continuing education for this area of study is offered.
  • Association Management: There is a 60-hour course associated with association management where you will learn how to maintain a community as a whole.

In addition to the above, Key Realty real estate school also offers courses in relation to business brokerage and time shares. For both there are courses for those who want to do pre-licensing and for those who are continuing their education in the field.