Course Reservation Submission

Thank you for your recent submission. Your request for course attendance has been received but this is NOT your confirmation of enrollment in the course. A separate confirmation email will be sent once you have been accepted as a course participant.

Seminar staff will reply to your registration via email once confirmed and your enrollment has been processed / accepted. Confirmation emails are traditionally processed within 1 business day. Please contact the seminar location directly if you do not receive your confirmation email in a timely fashion: 702 898 1221 (Speak with the education department)

You must bring a copy of your confirmation email with you when attending class. The confirmation email that you will receive is your entry ticket.

This course will NOT be held at the Flamingo Key Realty School location, therefore additional information about the seminar or location information can be obtained by calling the seminar location directly: 702.898.1221 (Speak with the education department)