Virtual learning was already on the rise due to advances in technology, but with the presence of the coronavirus pandemic, it has become a necessity.


At Key Realty school we want everyone including all Las Vegas real estate agents to stay safe and healthy. This is why we are continuing to follow all CDC guidelines and are working on a plan to continue our courses effectively and safely during this state of emergency. For all in-person interactions,Young Woman in a Virtual Learning Course we encourage wearing face masks and social distancing. As a part of these efforts we are requiring classroom reservations and we are limiting the number of students in the physical classroom.


We are also continuing to offer LIVE stream video in place of brick and mortar classes. Students have access to the same materials and high-quality information for courses including:



  • Real Estate Pre Licensing
  • Real Estate Test Prep
  • Real Estate Post Licensing Education
  • Inspection Pre Licensing Education
  • Inspection Continuing Education
  • Inspection Continuing Education
  • Mortgage Lending Education
  • Property Management
  • Business Broker Permit Course
  • Practical Real Estate Training


We encourage all students to opt for the LIVE stream version of our courses whenever possible. Stay updated on the status of all of our courses and enroll by visiting