Inspection Pre Licensing

This course is designed to prepare the student for the Structural Inspection field in Nevada. The practice of structural inspection is commonly referred to as Home Inspection and the license is most commonly used when inspecting real property under 10,000 square feet. Below is a brief description as to what the structural inspection field entails.

An inspector will assess a particular attachment to land (under 10,000 square feet), finding specific defects that will be disclosed to all interested parties.

The state of Nevada will require the completion of a three step process to activate a structural inspection license:

Step 1The completion of at least 40 hours of academic structural inspection education in preparation for the Nevada licensing exam. (This step is completed in the course 101)

Step 2Passing the Nevada structural inspection exam with a 75% or better.

Step 3The completion of either 25 inspections with an existing inspector or the equivalent in education (Click here to review the course equivalent for step 3 / 102 course)Watch a Video About this Education sequence


The goal of this course is to complete the states initial requirements for licensure and some practical insight into the field. NAC 645D.210 Requirements for certificate as certified residential inspector. (NAC 645D) See 210 Section 1 of the requirement is fulfilled with this education. Though the 101 course is designed to provide a foundation of academic inspection education, it meets the minimum standards noted in NAC 645D.210 ONLY. The attending student will need to study and review the academic information to its fullest extent outside of the course to better prepare for the exam. The 101 course is not an exam prep course but the combination of the 101 curriculum, the required textbooks, Nevada law reference and the suggested supplemental reference reading material will prepare the license applicant for the NHIE exam.

Some of the things that you will inspect:

  • Systems and Standards of the home
  • Driveways, walks, patio, deck, porch…integrity
  • Roof Surface- remaining life estimate
  • Mechanical Workings of the home…appliances
  • Windows- condition of caulking, glazing, storms and panes
  • Gutters- rust, extension, pitch, or splash block problems
  • Paint, Siding or Trim- peeling or separations
  • Electrical Service- proper loops, panel box inspection, circuit testing
  • Structural Integrity- house & foundation, sags and humps in roofs and floors
  • Garage- Structural integrity, door opener safety check, roof.

Class size is determined by the admissions office. Students must register and pay for the course prior to the day the course begins. Students must attend all scheduled days to receive your course completion certificate.

Tuition – There are two 101 packages to select from:


The Basic Course – Tuition of $729

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The basic pack includes:


The Works Course – Tuition of $849

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The works pack includes:


The Deluxe Course – Tuition of $1,049

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The deluxe pack includes:

*This package contains the same features as the work but adds on the physical copy of the NHIE textbooks

Textbook policy for any 101 seminar   – Students must purchase the course textbook titled NHIE Mechanical / Content Manual and The NHIE Structural and Business Manual separate from the course tuition (unless the Deluxe option is selected). Click here for the textbook policy worksheet. These course textbooks are required for the course of instruction and will be used to better prepare for the Inspection licensing exam / further understand practical concepts as they relate to the field of inspection. The required textbooks are available for purchase at the school location or directly through the NHIE. Textbook fees at the school location are the same as the textbook fees noted online through the NHIE. Use this link to explore the textbook fees and textbook purchasing options outside of Key Realty School

The following is a complete list of the course dates for the 60-hour Structural 101 (Step 1) Inspection course for the calendar year. The 101 course is offered through physical classroom instruction and via LIVE stream video. Once the tuition is paid, the student will be sent an email containing the student log in information   which allows the student to select the date, time and course delivery method.

Course 101 Dates
January 10-26 2022
March 7-23 2022
May 9-25 2022
July 11-27 2022
September 12-28 2022
November 7-23 2022
Hours of the Course 6:00 PM to 10:00PM Classroom lecture times Mon – Fri. Held at the Las Vegas location

Students who are not able to attend the physical Las Vegas offering may elect to attend the course via LIVE stream video. Students attending the LIVE stream event will receive the same credit as those attending the physical onsite seminar. The dates, times, curriculum and tuition rate remains the same regardless of the course delivery method. Once enrolled, the student will be able to select “On Site” Vs “Live Stream” in their student dashboard

The Nevada Inspector of Structures exam is step 2 in the 3 step licensing process. The exam is administered by the state testing center. The exam is 175 multiple choice questions and is based on the content presented in the 101 course. Most applicants take the exam between course 101 and 102. The exam fee is $100 and this fee is paid directly to the testing center when scheduling the exam. The student should review all policies, procedures and exam content outlines of the exam prior to registering and taking the inspection examination. Click here for additional exam prep information.

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After taking the structural inspection 101 course, many prospective licensees chose to meet the state of Nevada’s licensing requirements through further education. Many students elect to continue their education with Key Realty School’s On site inspection class. This course is used as an On Site inspection training course meeting all of the state of Nevada’s post test requirements. (Equivalent of 25 inspections with an existing inspector) NOTE: The completion of the aforementioned 101 course or the equivalent deemed acceptable by the Nevada Real Estate Division is required before taking the 102 course.

This course is designed to complete section 3-II of the NAC 645.210 Requirement of licensure. The instructor of the Onsite Inspection training course has been approved by the Nevada Real Estate Division to offer the equivalent of 25 observation inspections.

This class will include at least 6 onsite inspections with the full analysis of each site inspected. Additional dates and times  will  be added within the scheduled course block to include all necessary onsite inspections. The instructor will guide each student through the entire inspection, then the class will discuss the inspections performed. The lecture will be taught toward the structural standards of which an inspector inspects as well as the procedures an inspector needs to perform when inspecting. The lecture will also discuss the inspection report as well as the presentation of the inspection report to all interested parties. This is THE practical course.

Sample “generic” inspection forms will be used in the onsite inspection of the properties.

Class size is determined by the admissions office. You must register and pay for the course prior to the day the course begins. You must attend all days to receive your course completion certificate. The tuition of the course is $729.00, the tuition includes the Code Check and Home Check student manuals as well as trial versions of inspection software. (2 different inspection software providers)

The following is a complete list of the course dates for the Structural Inspection 102 (Step 3) course for the calendar year:


Course 102 Dates
February 7-23 2022
April 4-20 2022
June 6-22 2022
August 8-24 2022
October 10-26 2022
December 5-21 2022
Hours of the Course 6:00 PM to 10:00PM Classroom lecture times Mon – Fri.  Three Saturday’s of onsite inspection training. Saturday schedules can be between 10AM to 4PM depending on property availability.

Due to the practical nature of the course, the LIVE stream option is only available for students who reside at least 100 miles away from the Las Vegas office of the Nevada Real Estate Division 3300 West Sahara LV NV 89102. Use this web page for additional 102 LIVE Stream details and to complete the request accordingly. 

Las Vegas courses held at: the Las Vegas location

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After the completion of the 3 steps noted, the applicant should use the Inspector of Structures licensing application to apply for the Nevada Inspection license in the method noted with the application.