Property Management Common Question and Answers

Use this guide to better inform yourself about the Nevada Property Management permit process.

Q- Must an individual possess a Nevada Real Estate license to take the property management class?
A- No. A prospective student does not need a Nevada real estate license to take the property management course. But, to activate the property management permit, the prospective student must have an active real estate license. Therefore the class can be taken for purely informational purposes or can be taken before the real estate license is activated. (One cannot receive compensation for property management unless they possess an active real estate license)

Q- Who needs a property management permit?
A- Anyone who intends to or has been contracted to conduct property management activities.

Q- What is the difference between a Permit and a Certificate?
A- The permit is an attachment to a real estate license that entitles the holder to perform any property management function. The permit is often referred to as a certificate, but the state of Nevada legally recognizes the title as a Nevada Property Management Permit.

Q- Is there a test after my education?
A- Yes. After completing 24 hours of property management education, the student must take and pass a 50 question examination with a 75% or better. This test is given at the state approved testing center (Nevada’s testing company). The test is a total charge of $75.

Q- How can a student activate the Property Management Permit?
A- The certificate of education as well as the test results must be mailed or taken to the Nevada Real Estate Division. The permit fee is $40, after completing the application and paying the fee, the individual will activate the property management permit.

Q- Can the 24 hours of education be completed through correspondence study?
A- No. 24 hours of education must be completed in the classroom. Nevada does not allow this course to be taught by correspondence.