Student Portal and Test Request Page

Auto Test Access Request Form

Use the auto test request for to automatically generate the testing ID set. Click here to access the auto generate ID page

Even if an ID set has not been assigned previously, the student portal system will automatically assign an ID based on the last name and email assigned at the time of enrollment.

Use the manual test request (below), ONLY if no testing ID can be supplied using the auto testing access form noted above.


Manual Student Portal and Test Request Form

The request form must be fully completed to ensure delivery of your login information. Complete the form and scroll down to select the send information key. The ID and password set will be sent to the student via email. The ID and password set is traditionally processed within 1 business day. (ID sets are often delivered to SPAM, BULK or JUNK folders. Please check all folders for delivery of the ID set)

Telephone: Toll Free
800 472 3893

Testing Department