California Real Estate Licensing

Form   #

Purpose Form   Function

RE 201 & 201A

Corporation License Application

RE 203

Branch Office Application

RE 204

Broker Change Application (For Broker Licensees)

RE 204A

Corporation Change Application

RE 205

State Public Benefits Statement

RE 205A

State Public Benefits Information

RE 205B

State Public Benefits (Comprehensive List)

RE 205D

Proof of Legal Presence Notice

RE 206

Exam & Licensing Fees

RE 207

Officer Renewal Application

RE 208   & RE 251

Broker Renewal Application

RE 209   & RE 251

Salesperson Renewal Application

RE 210

Certification (Assignment of Supervisory Responsibility)

RE 212

Corporation Background Statement

RE 213

Continuing Education Extension/Exemption Request

RE 214

Salesperson Change Application

RE 214A

Restricted Salesperson Change Application

RE 218

Corporate License Instructions

RE 222

Applicant Eligibility Information

RE 230

Broker-Salesperson Information

RE 234

Consent to Service of Process (Real Estate Applicant/Licensee)

RE 235

Out-of-State Broker Acknowledgment

RE 237

Live Scan Service Request (Applicant) [3-part form]

RE 237B

Fingerprint Information

RE 238

Indictment, Conviction, and Disciplinary Action Notification

RE 239

Decedent Funds Request