Enrollment- Multiple Broker Qualifying Credit Packages

Enrollment- Multiple Broker Qualifying Credit Packages

Nevada Real Estate Broker or Broker Salesperson applicants who need to complete additional broker qualifying courses may use the enrollment links below to enroll in and complete the total number credits selected. All of the package below will include a minimum of Broker Management (3 Credits) and Broker Appraisal (3 Credits). General Real Estate and Business topics will always be selected to complement the Broker Management and Appraisal topics to provide the total number of credits. Once the tuition is paid, the student will be sent an online course dashboard which will allow the student to begin reviewing material online. The physical course texts will be sent via UPS at no additional cost.

Students who are unsure as to how many credits remain or which package should be taken should contact the school admissions office to further define the applicant credentials and thus be provided with directive as to the correct package: 800 472 3893 or Email@KeyRealtySchool.com

This course does involve direct shipping. Key Realty School ships via UPS ground to physical addresses and US Mail to PO Boxes. Tracking information will be sent to the student after the enrollment has been processed. (Most packages are delivered within 2 business days)

Click on the “Pay Now” Check Out icon to continue enrollment / use the back arrow to select a different course *NOTE: By continuing to enroll in the course you acknowledge and agree to the academic policies of Key Realty School.


9 Broker Qualifying Credits


12 Broker Qualifying Credits


15 Broker Qualifying Credits


18 Broker Qualifying Credits


21 Broker Qualifying Credits


24 Broker Qualifying Credits


27 Broker Qualifying Credits