Once you have obtained your Nevada real estate license, you may want to take additional certification courses. Having Person takes notes from laptop and study guide on white marble table | KeyRealtySchool.comadditional courses under your belt can make your more marketable for jobs, provide extra assistance to your clients, or simply keep your knowledge of the real estate industry fresh. Regardless of the reason, Key Realty School has additional courses that can expand your real estate knowledge without giving up your busy schedule. These are a few courses you can sign up for today:

Appraisal License Courses

Add home appraisal to your repertoire with our appraisal license courses! This is ideal for those looking to complete an appraisal internship and eventually transition into doing home appraisal full time. This course will not only prepare you for the exam, but for opportunities of being an appraiser for real estate, legal, or other professions.

Community Management License Course

When working with planned communities, it is best to know more about maintaining and managing residents and amenities. This course is a great way to make yourself more marketable to future or current employers when working in this area of the real estate market.

Timeshare Pre-Licensing Course

Timeshare and vacation properties are a big part of the Nevada real estate. We have a course for both continuing education and a pre-licensing course to ensure you have everything you need to become an expert in this unique area.

We have other courses for you to explore on KeyRealtySchool.com! See these courses and all of our student resources to begin expanding your real estate skills today.