Completing your education and taking tests is a major milestone on your journey to becoming a real estate agent. You figured out how to get a real estate license, but now it’s time to start putting your education to work. One of your earliest tasks in this process will be finding clients and establishing your reputation. Make sure that your networking efforts involve establishing your presence online and in your community.

Help Clients Find You Online – Many potential buyers begin their search for a home online. It’s important to make sure they can find you through your website. Provide locally-targeted content to connect with people in your area. Allow clients to learn more about who you are and your credentials are by providing links to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Get Involved in Community Activities – Another way to directly connect with people in your area is by getting involved with your community. Everything from participating in a fund-raising 5K, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, or attending the opening of a new, local business will allow you to meet people. Nothing can replace the impression created by a one-on-one meeting where you and potential clients are already pursuing the shared goal of building the community.

When you leave one of the avenues untapped, your online presence or participation in community activities, you will miss out on valuable networking opportunities.