A Red Real Estate Sign Reading “Sold” | KeyRealtySchool.comReal estate can be an exciting field. Your job is to make people happy by finding them their perfect homes. Word of mouth about your services will grow if you stay diligent and perform well. The work of a real estate agent is certainly rewarding, but it can also be somewhat taxing, as the industry is fast paced and you probably won’t work conventional office hours.

However, for those of you who are ready to join the exhilarating field of Nevada real estate, there are some steps you need to follow to become a fully licensed real estate agent:

  • Take pre-licensing courses. Aspiring agents in all 50 U.S. states must take pre-licensing courses before taking the real estate licensing exam. The number of hours one must attend in pre-licensing classes differs by state. Nevada requires individuals to take 90 hours of pre-licensing courses, while California requires 135 hours. The courses themselves consist of intense studies of real estate principles and law.
  • Get fingerprinted. Background checks are an important part of the real estate licensing process. In Nevada, you’ll need to pass the check *before* you can be licensed.
  • Pass your state’s licensing exam. After completing your state’s pre-licensing classes, you’re ready to take the state real estate licensing exam. The multiple-choice exam tests you on state, federal, and more general real estate matters.
  • Get organized. In Nevada, this step involves activating your new license (for a state fee), acquiring a state business license, and joining a supervisory real estate broker who oversees all transactions.

If you feel Nevada real estate is the industry for you, check out Key Realty School in Las Vegas. We offer pre-licensing and post-licensing courses, as well as state exam prep dates. Visit KeyRealtySchool.com for more information.