GOLD KEY Prorated Membership

Key Realty School has served the state of Nevada for over 30 years. We are proud to offer a membership to our long time students that provides our customers with a premium benefit membership.

This page is specifically designed for students who paid for a 36 hour Package on or after October 1 2021 as the Gold Key Membership fee is prorated accordingly. 

Membership fees will not be prorated and this offer to prorate the membership will not be available after 7/1/22

We realize that some students may have recently enrolled in a comprehensive 36 hour CE package and therefore Key Realty School is willing to prorate the fee associated with the Gold Key Membership.

The GOLD KEY membership includes:

  • CE FOR LIFE Included
  • Lifetime Access to required Nevada Continuing Education course packages
    • Even if renewal requirements change, we have you covered and all CE is included
    • Once a member, Gold Key members can enroll in and take the current CE / renewal packages at no additional cost for life. Have the confidence that your required education is ALWAYS paid for and readily available.
      • This does not include designation courses and courses outside of the standardized renewal packages.
    • Priority Seating
      • 15% of all classroom / LIVE stream seats are reserved for Gold Key members. Key staff will always work to create an open seat for Gold Key members even when the class shows full to the public.
    • A friends and family discount
      • Once a member, Gold Key members are provided with a coupon for a discount toward any standard tuition rate for any program in the future. Gold Key members can provide friends and family members with this discount code OR use it for any tangent educational courses outside of continue education.
    • Assignment to a specific Key staff / Key Rep that will cater to the Gold Key members education needs.
      • Gold Key members can specifically work with a unique Key staff member on a regular basis to ensure all educational goals are met
    • Gold Key members are part of a license monitoring system that allows Key Realty School staff to continually remind members of requirements / license expirations / form updates and state regulation changes.

You must hold an active Nevada Real Estate license to participate in the membership program.

Standard Tuition Fee for the Gold Key Membership is: $490

The Prorated Tuition fee in consideration of your recent 36 hour CE Package enrollment is $321 ($490 – $169)

Note that students who did not pay for a standard 36 hour package on or after 10/1/21 will not be accepted into the Gold Key Membership by paying the prorated membership fee and will be required to pay the standard membership fee.

It is recommended that students who are not eligible for the prorated membership use the standard Gold Key Membership page / tuition rates to enroll in the membership

Once the tuition is paid, the student will be sent access to Gold Confirmation access and proof of membership.