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Time Share Pre Licensing Education

The state of Nevada requires 14 hours of Time Share pre licensing education. Key Realty School offers an online training program designed to complete and comply with the educational requirements to obtain a Nevada Time Share license.

The course will provide course content files, reference material, glossary of terms and online practice testing. Once the course content has been completed, the student is required to take an online course completion exam. Students who successfully pass the certificate exam are provided a certificate of education through the online testing system. This certificate of education is used to proceed forward with the application process.

Quick facts: Your affiliation / referral from Grand View has afforded you with a discounted course tuition. Course Fee- $93, Time share licensing exam – 50 questions, Licensing exam fee – $100, Licensing / state application fee – $200. (Only the education / tuition fee will be charged at the time of course enrollment. The aforementioned external fees will be charged by the testing center and state department at the time of application.

*Note that the tuition listed on this page is a discounted tuition based on the negotiated rate of the project brokerage you have been referred by. Though Key Realty School is an approved course provider, the project broker / time share company does not endorse or promote any one specific course. A list of approved course providers can be found at www.Red.state.nv.us

Recommended sequence of licensing steps –

1. Complete your required fingerprints and background check: https://www.keyrealtyschool.com/current-students/fingerprinting

– Cost of fingerprint and background check $60 (paid to fingerprint center)

2. Review the course content, reference material and glossary of terms – Use the link below to pay the $93 tuition fee and enroll in the course.

3. Take the course completion / certificate exam: https://www.keyrealtyschool.com/current-students/certificate-testing

– Course testing can be completed online including immediate certificate generation.

5. Take the recommended (Not Required) test prep seminar: https://www.keyrealtyschool.com/time-share-test-prep

– Cost of test prep $50

6. Take the Nevada Licensing exam through the PSI testing center: www.PSIExams.com or 800 733 9267

– Cost of exam $100

7. Select your broker and apply for the Nevada license http://red.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/rednvgov/Content/Forms/519.pdf

– Cost of the license $200

Additional questions pertaining to the license activation process through Blue Green Vacations after course completion should be forwarded to: Charmaine Mason / Phone:702.688.5370

Once the tuition is paid, the student will be sent the online course log in credentials accordingly.

Course Tuition is $93