Changes to course materials and content

COVID 19 Information

Key Realty School honors all mandates and requirements set forth by government bodies regulating the school as located in Las Vegas and Reno Nevada.   

Key Realty School recommends all students remain diligent in maintaining their health recognizing that Key Realty School is a public institution wherein large groups of students congregate on a regular basis. Students should make the best decisions based on their own assessment of classroom attendance when considering all information available.

The center for disease control is the best general resource to obtain up to date information as it relates to contagious illnesses: CDC.

Information about Prioritization and Eligibility for COVID-19 Vaccination: Click Here.

Information about scheduling the COVID-19 Vaccination in Southern Nevada: Click Here.

Though Nevada is the primary focus of Key Realty School, the school has worked with most Western Regional jurisdictions to ensure classes can be taken through traditional brick and mortar classroom offerings OR via LIVE stream when applicable. This policy will allow students to determine which delivery method works best based on their health and assessment of risk associated with gatherings.

Physical Location Protocol

During the pandemic, Key Realty School will continue to promote a clean and safe environment for students and staff. At minimum, the following measures will be taken to ensure Key Realty School is a sanitary facility:

Governor Declarations and Nevada Specific Information

PLEASE NOTE: All information on this page reflects recent changes as related to the Governor Directive and other state / federal mandates. The COVID 19 situation is fluid. Additional changes may be necessary. Please check this page regularly.  

The Nevada Real Estate Division has established a COVID 19 information page which is maintained with relevant information about affected fields: Nevada Real Estate Division.

Click here for additional Practical Updates pertaining to Real Estate related fields.

Click here for archived correspondence as it pertains to events affected by COVID 19 .