Home Inspection 101 Classroom Sessions

Law Handout for Home Inspection 101 –

Click here to access the PDF Law Handout

Home Inspection 101 Classroom Sessions  –

This course is an attendance based seminar wherein the student must sign in and sign out every scheduled day of the course. Use the course calendar to attend the sessions you have selected as part of your Inspection Pre Licensing enrollment. Click here to access the inspection calendar

The “Click to register option” within the student dashboard at www.KeyRealtySchool.net can be used to officially reserve your seat in a specific course offering.

The certificate of education will be posted to the student dashboard at www.KeyRealtySchool.net under the “Classroom Courses” section 1 business day after course completion. The certificate will appear in PDF format and will be available for the student to print.

Course Textbook – Disregard this section if you have already purchased the textbook 

Students must purchase the course textbook titled NHIE Mechanical / Content Manual and The NHIE Structural and Business Manual separate from the course tuition. These course textbooks are required for the course of instruction and will be used to better prepare for the Inspection licensing exam / further understand practical concepts as they relate to the field of inspection. The required textbooks are available for purchase at the school location or directly through the NHIE. Textbook fees at the school location are the same as the textbook fees noted online through the NHIE. Use this link to explore the textbook fees and textbook purchasing options outside of Key Realty School

Fingerprint Information –

Use the following link to explore fingerprint information as this is a licensing requirement: https://www.keyrealtyschool.com/current-students/fingerprinting/

Exam Prep Information –

Though the objective of the 101 course is to create an academic foundation and prepare for the student for the licensing exam, additional exam prep tools are available. Use the following link to examine additional test prep tools: https://www.keyrealtyschool.com/courses/inspection/inspection-test-prep-information/ 

Testing Information –

Use the following link to schedule the Nevada Inspection exam – https://www.keyrealtyschool.com/current-students/psi-testing-information/

Title of exam:

  • GE-NHIE-ISR: Inspector of Structures National – Residential

It is the applicant / students responsibility to review and understand all testing center polices at www.PearsonVUE.com

Licensing application –

Use the following link to examine licensing applications for the inspection field: https://www.keyrealtyschool.com/current-students/state-forms-for-all-licenses/nevada-structural-inspection/

Please forward additional questions to the school admissions office: 800 472 3893 OR Email@KeyRealtySchool.com