How Do Real Estate License Courses Prepare You to Be an Agent?

The purpose of education is to equip and prepare you for what you will encounter once you are on the job front for your field of study. However, with some college degrees, what you study is vastly different than what you need to know to succeed in your field. Certain college degrees provide only a bare bones foundation or an abstract history that has very little to do with the daily tasks. This is not the case with real estate. When you take a real estate license course, everything you study will help prepare you for buying and selling homes.

This degree is designed to be relevant and applicable to graduates. With every real estate license course provided by Key Realty, theory and practice are closely related. By learning more about the curriculum, you will be able to see how your courses have practical applications.

Your Real Estate Curriculum

The Key Reality curriculum includes courses on 4 main areas: Realty and Personal Property, Agency and Federal Laws, Finance and Appraisal, and Nevada Law. Once you’ve attended each real estate license course associated with these 4 subjects, you will have completed 90 hours of study. You will walk away with a comprehensive overview of state and national laws regarding real estate transactions.

For students with no real estate background, understanding the essentials of this field will be vital for beginning to understand their new vocation. From time management to property valuation and more, students will get a handle a broad range of real estate topics. For those who are renewing their license, reviewing the principles and practices of real estate will empower them to demonstrate to buyers and sellers that they are knowledgeable. Students will have the opportunity to bolster their understanding of taxes, liens and contracts. In addition to providing real world insights, studying Federal and Nevada law can prepare you to pass your licensing exam.

With every real estate license course you complete, you will move closer to your goal of becoming a successful agent. Eight out of the top ten producing real estate licensees took courses from Key Realty. Discover how you can begin your journey toward becoming a real estate agent at our real estate school in Nevada.