realtor showing a homeWhile not all real estate agents need a property management permit, everyone who wants an activated property management permit does need to have an active real estate license. You can, however, begin pursuing your property management permit before you have a real estate license and you should if you plan to have both. Even so, earning and eventually renewing your permit takes less time than you might expect if you know where to go.

 On-Site Courses

The Key property management Las Vegas area courses are available to meet the state’s requirement that prospective property managers receive 24 hours of education. These courses must be on-site, not via correspondence. You can satisfy this requirement over a weekend in our three-day course offered on a sequential Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

 Taking Your Test

Key Realty School prepares students for the Nevada-wide test for property managers, but you will be required to go off-site to the PSI testing center for this 50-question test. It must be completed within 24 hours of finishing your property management courses, so plan ahead.


In Nevada, property managers are required to complete three hours of continuation courses every two years. As laws change, its essential property managers keep up to date on everything they need to know to adjust to these changes. Our three-hour online course will satisfy this requirement and get you back in business after just one night. Simply pass a quiz at the end of the course and you’re good to go.

Contact Key Realty School with any questions you have about the property management permit process. If it’s been a few years since you earned your permit, you’re likely overdue for a renewal. Enroll now in Key property management Las Vegas courses and other Nevada real estate license courses to make sure you’re properly accredited.