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How to Attract Out-of-State Home Buyers

Over the last few years, the Nevada real estate market has gone on a wild ride. With the rise in housing prices brought on by the pandemic — and many companies allowing their employees to work remotely — there has never been a better time to actively work on your ability to attract out-of-state home buyers to your real estate market. However, attracting out-of-state home buyers does come with its own set of challenges — unless you follow these best practices.

Showcase the Best Features for Out-of-State Home Buyers

As with selling at the local level, make sure the home is staged beautifully and that there are professional images that accurately depict how the home appears in person. Highlight the best features of the home so that they stand out. If the kitchen has all new appliances and large counter space, make sure that is apparent in both the images and the details of the listing. If there is optimum storage space throughout the home, make that clear too. Essentially, be sure to put your best foot forward, and always market the most attractive features of the home in order to entice potential buyers.

For out-of-state home buyers looking to relocate, you also need to be prepared with detailed information about the neighborhood where the home is located. What is the local school system like? What types of local attractions do people gravitate towards on the weekends? For buyers coming from out of state especially, showcasing the best features of not only the house, but the neighborhood as well, is an effective way to attract a more interested buyer.

Improve the Virtual Experience for Out-of-State Home Buyers

More and more people are taking to the internet first before buying a home. In fact, most buyers begin their search on the internet prior to partnering with an agent. Therefore, you need to make sure that your website in up-to-date, includes your various listings, and that each listing is presented in such a way that the viewer feels as though they’re right there in the home. In addition to high-quality images taken by a professional photographer, creating a virtual tour of the home and incorporating video walkthroughs of the space can vastly improve the experience of potential buyers and encourage them to take the next step in contacting you about the potential sale.

Entice Remote Workers to Become Out-of-State Home Buyers

With so many people working from home as a result of the pandemic, there’s definitely a higher number of potential buyers who are willing to consider relocating to a new state. For example, Nevada is an enticing option for many living in California who have been given the thumbs up to permanently work from home, especially considering the lower sales tax and overall cost of living. If you’re in negotiations with an out-of-state home buyer, be sure that you can answer any questions they may have, particularly any that might pertain to working remotely. For example, since different areas tend to only have a select group of internet providers available, and remote work relies heavily on a good internet connection, educating potential out-of-state home buyers on their internet options could be incredibly helpful.

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