studying for nevada real estate examPreviously we discussed the first steps to take if you are interested in getting a real estate license in Nevada. Registering for the required 90 hour real estate pre-licensing course, getting a background check and fingerprinting are two great first steps to take, but there are just a few more things you need to do to become licensed.

  • Complete your education – Signing up for the required education is great, but actually completing the required 90 hours is what will make you a serious contender for a Nevada real estate license. Real estate schools like Key Realty School offer great options to help you complete your 90 hours in classroom, home study, and online course programs, making it possible for you to work and complete the courses at the same time.
  • Nevada Real Estate Exam – After completing your 90 hours, you will need to test everything you have learned in a state-issued exam for Nevada real estate. The education you complete will prepare you greatly for this exam and it is advised to study hard and make sure you understand the four key subjects: Nevada law, finance, realty, and agency.
  • Apply for your Nevada Real Estate License – Once you have completed your background check, fingerprinting, education, and exam, you can apply for a real estate salesperson’s license through the state of Nevada for a fee.

Key Realty School will get you well-prepared to pass the Nevada Real Estate Exam and be on your way to a beneficial career in real estate. Visit today for more information about real estate pre-licensing and post-licensing in Nevada.