real estate licenseJust like any other type of education, real estate licensing in Las Vegas has eligibility requirements, key concepts that individuals need to be familiar with and each individual must be able to pay the fees associated with tuition and application status. For the state of Nevada there are specific state requirements that you will need to fulfill including a pre-licensing education and a passing score on the state exam.

For individuals who want to get a real estate license, you are going to need to fulfill the following steps:

Meet the Requirements

Ensure that you fulfill Nevada’s requirements, including age, education and your capability for residency. You will need pre-licensing education, a passing score on the state exam as well as application approval.

Choose an Accredited School

If you meet the requirements, but do not have pre-licensing education than you will need to choose an accredited school within the state of Nevada and complete the process for Nevada real estate licensing in Las Vegas:

  • To do this you will need to enroll in the school
  • Complete the exam prep course
  • Obtain a certificate of completion from the school.

For those who already have a degree in real estate, this process will be different

File an Application

Once you have completed your pre-licensing education with a passing grade, you will need to file an application and pay the fees associated with it. You may also need to complete a background check, do fingerprinting or have a sponsoring broker prior to the application process.

After your application has been accepted you will need to find a testing center. These testing centers will be a third party and you will need to register with the exam vendor and schedule a date to take the exam. If you pass the exam, then you will be required to work on behalf of the managing broker for the first two years of your career.