Feb1Just like any other type of education, getting a Mortgage Lending License requires each student to learn about key concepts associated specifically with this area of study, plus the individual needs to have the financial ability to pay the fees associated with tuition and application status.

For the state of Nevada, there are specific state requirements that you will need to fulfill including a pre-licencing education and a passing score on the state exam. For individuals who want to get a mortgage lending license, you will need to take the Nevada mortgage broker course and do the following check-points before obtaining your license.

You must ensure that you fulfill Nevada’s requirements, including age, education, and your eligibility for residency. You will need to do the pre-licensing education, which consists of thirty hours broken down into two different course segments. These two course segments include a 20-hour SAFE Act course, and a 10-hour state specific section. The 20-hour segment is classroom only, and provides students with practical information that they will need to complete the exam. These courses help prepare the students for the federal portion of the National Mortgaging Licensing Exam.

  • Complete the exam prep course, and pass it.
  • Obtain the certificate of completion from Key Realty.

If you are planning on taking the Nevada mortgage broker course but already have the required pre-licensing courses, then you are going to need to take the continuing education route. For those entering this route, you will need to complete ten-hours of Nevada SAFE continuing education in order to renew your mortgage agent license.

This coursework will be done with TrainingPro, will be completed on-line, and will include practice testing and certificate testing. The course is designed to review new and changing federal mortgage legislation, and address the latest changes in the industry. Students will get an overview of the duties and responsibilities required of a mortgage professional.