ID Information Page

Many states require students taking a certificate test to further denote the ID of the tester through a form of identification documentation that the student certifies is true and valid. Should the educational file be audited, the ID number entered would be confirmed through actual image files of the ID used or records of the ID used at the time of ID certification.

Common questions about supplying the ID to the file.

Q Does it need to be a drivers license issued by the state for which I am taking the education in?

A No. Any government issued ID actually works. We have found that the drivers license works best and residency is not required. Therefore, the state for which the license was issued it arbitrary.

Q What if I don’t have a drivers license?

A Use the issuing number for any of the following:


Military ID

Sheriffs Card

*Any government issued ID with a photo

Q What if I have additional questions about entering an ID?

A Call the admissions office 800 472 3893