Inactive License (Greater than 2 years)

This section is for licensees that have an inactive license with the Nevada Real Estate Division. The license has been on inactive for more than two years. The following items will be required to reinstate a license that has been on inactive status for 2 years or more.

See state form 544 for specific requirements as it pertains to license reinstatement

  1. 36 Hr of Continuing Education
  2. Passing the State portion of your Exam – Use the state law review kit noted within the exam prep page to better prepare for the state portion of the licensing exam
  3. Complete a Fingerprint & Background Check

The Nevada Real Estate Division requires 1/2 of all real estate continuing education to be completed via classroom instruction. Key Realty School has many turn key options designed to supply all required hours through both classroom and online course work. These packages are specifically designed to meet ALL continuing education requirements in one set package.