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The exam administered by the Pearson testing center is currently the exam authorized to comply with the licensing requirements within NRS/NAC645D. This exam is not state specific wherein many questions are asked that are of national context.

The following software is not required but is recommended to better prepare for the Nevada Inspector of Structures exam (currently the NHIE exam)

Link to Compucram Exam Prep

The standard course includes the NHIE Home Inspection Manual, Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors and the study guide associated with the NHIE exam. Though this is the primary text recommended for the exam, there are many additional reference tools for which the exam questions can be created from. A list of additional reference items has been listed within this webpage. These reference items can be found on popular sites such as Amazon or can be reviewed at the public library in most instances. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure mastery of all content within the exam outline prior to taking the NHIE exam. Click here to review the content outline.  

Additional Reference Materials for which exam content can be derived

Everybody’s Building Code, 2012

Bruce Barker


International Residential Code (2012, 2015)

International Code Council


International Residential Code, (2012, 2015)

International Code Council


National Electrical Code, (2011, 2014)

National Fire Protection Association


Code Check, 7th Edition

An Illustrated Guide to Building a Safe House


Code Check Electrical, 7th Edition

Code Check, 4th Edition


Plumbing and Mechanical

Home Systems Illustrated Third Edition


Tom Feiza, “Mr. Fix-It,” Inc. – 2011

The Home Reference Book , 26th Edition

Carson Dunlop & Associates, Ltd.


ASHI @ HOME – Home Inspection Training Program

Carson, Dunlop & Associates – 2014

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