Presently, the real estate market is booming. This means, as an agent, you could be making a lot of money from commissions. Real estate is one of those career paths that takes an individual, rather than a team, to carve their own path. There are no limits to how many clients you can have, and how many properties you can take on as an agent to sell.

A photo of a real estate agent showing a home to a coupleIf you are a business person who wants to keep a personal lifestyle and have a flexible work schedule, real estate may be the best option for you. Real estate allows you to work when you want, and where you want. However, if you move states, you have to take another course specific to your new location. Our Nevada real estate school is highly trusted as an institution with high-quality and in-depth coursework taught by experts. Trust Key Realty School to get your real estate education from teachers who put knowledge above all.

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