Key Realty LLC – Nevada CE Enrollment Page

Key Realty Nevada

I hereby acknowledge that I am currently, at the present time, a Nevada Real Estate licensee licensed under Key Realty LLC as filed with the Nevada Real Estate Division and as noted on my presently held Nevada Real Estate License. I understand that any certificates or education earned through a result of enrollment under the Key Realty LLC enrollment page may be invalidated if this enrollment is completed while licensed under a Nevada Real Estate brokerage other than Key Realty LLC.

By clicking acknowledge, you are acknowledging that you have read the aforementioned and confirm that you currently hold a Nevada Real Estate license under the Key Realty LLC brokerage name.

Enrollment- 24 Hour Universal Renewal Combo CE Pack

This is enrollment page is to be used by Key Realty LLC licensees only. Use by any licensee not licensed under the Key Realty LLC brokerage will invalidate the certificates of education.

This course is broken up into 12 hours of classroom and 12 hours of home study education.

Once the tuition of $1 is paid, an email will be sent to the student titled Certification Account. This email will contain the online access information allowing the student to study and complete the online course work. The online access information will also allow the student to select the seminar dates, times and location for all in class course work. (The $1 fee is charged as a one time fee to validate the student is real and valid. The student is a Key Realty LLC licensee / Has agreed to the policies)

*NOTE: By continuing to enroll in the course you acknowledge the your are currently licensed under Key Realty LLC and agree to the academic policies of Key Realty School. Click here to review all school policies