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Post Licensing Enrollment Page

I hereby acknowledge that I am currently, at the present time, a Nevada Real Estate licensee licensed under Key Realty LLC as filed with the Nevada Real Estate Division and as noted on my presently held Nevada Real Estate License. I understand that any certificates or education earned through a result of enrollment under the Key Realty LLC enrollment page may be invalidated if this enrollment is completed while licensed under a Nevada Real Estate brokerage other than Key Realty LLC.

By clicking acknowledge, you are acknowledging that you have read the aforementioned and confirm that you currently hold a Nevada Real Estate license under the Key Realty LLC brokerage name.

This page is designed for and to be used by Key Realty LLC Licensees ONLY –

Key Realty LLC is a Nevada Real Estate Brokerage. Key Realty LLC is not Key Realty School and is a independent / separate company that retains logo and name licensing rights to the Key name. The Key Realty LLC brokerage pre pays for all of their licensees to attend and complete all required continuing education and post licensing education. There will be several prompts with this page and the registration process wherein the student will confirm that they are indeed a licensee currently licensed under Key Realty LLC at the time of enrollment. Students who use this page and are not licensed under Key Realty LLC will have their certificates of education invalidated.


Nevada Real Estate Continuing Education 

Classroom/ Online – COMBO Pack

License Renewals – This option is for all licensees that have renewed their license at least once previously in the state of Nevada. (Not your first renewal) Licensees must complete 36 hours of continuing education every 2 years. Any renewing licensee is presently granted a 2 year license wherein the required 36 hours of continuing education must be completed within the renewal period. The 36 Hour education requirement must include at least 18 hours of classroom continuing education. Key Realty School has turnkey options designed to supply all required hours through both classroom and online course work. These packages are specifically designed to meet  ALL  continuing education requirements in one package. (Combo Packs)

The classroom / online course package consists of 18 hours of online course work and 18 hours of classroom course work as mandated by the state of Nevada.


The online packages always contain the requisites needed to fulfill the license renewal requirements. The online packages include course content files for each course subject. The student is emailed the content files for review and practice testing. After the student has reviewed the content, they are encouraged to test through the school website to self-generate their own certificate online and renew their license. All COMBO packages noted below contain general course topics written specifically for the current year and pertinent to current real estate practices.


LIVE continuing education is offered in 3 hour classroom segments. The courses taught in class are always Law, Contracts X 2, Agency, Risk Reduction and Ethics. (Also called CORE classes) The 3 hour classes are taught both LIVE stream video and through physical classroom instruction 10 to 15 times per month.  NOTE: The LIVE topics of Purchase contracts and Risk Reduction will not be offered through LIVE instruction prior to July 2021.  Once a student enrolls in a COMBO continuing education package, the student is able to attend the continuing education as their schedule permits until the in class requirement of 18 hours is completed.  (Enrolled students are able to simply reserve the course sessions they wish to attend)  The COMBO enrollment includes a 2 year membership to the Nevada Real Estate Continuing education calendar which allows the student to attend for credit until all 18 hours are completed. See the  Real Estate Continuing Education calendar  for specific course dates and availability.

View upcoming classroom sessions  (Students cannot officially reserve their sessions until the tuition is paid)

36 Hour Nevada Real Estate Continuing Education Pack “Universal Pack”-   For the Key Realty Group licensee ONLY

(Click Here to ENROLL IN the 36 Hour Universal COMBO Pack through the online order system)


12 Hour Add On Package  – Designed for the licensee who enrolled / completed the standard 24 hour salesperson package yet expire after October 1 2021. This package will provide an additional 6 hours of classroom instruction (3 in Contracts and 3 in Risk Reduction) and 6 hours of online course topics to complete the 36 hour requirement as required for all renewals after October 1 2021

Enrollment in the 12 hour add on package  – This package works for Salespersons, Broker Salespersons and Brokers who previously purchased the 24 hour renewal kits from Key Realty School. NOTE: This 12 hour add on package does not include the additional hours required to renew a property management permit after October 1 2021. See the 6 hour property management add on package below.

In addition to the 12 hour add on package noted above, property managers must add on an additional 6 hours of property management to a former package that only included 3 hours in Property Management.

Enrollment in the 6 hour property management CE set

NOTE: Key Realty packages are specifically designed to meet the minimum renewal standards. Said packages cannot be modified without an additional tuition fee.

Nevada Real Estate Post Licensing Education

Key Realty School offers 30 hour in class courses for real estate Post Licensing education in Las Vegas (2 Las Vegas locations) and Reno Nevada. The Post Licensing course is designed for students completing their first year education requirements only. Students completing renewal requirements after the first 12 month term are encouraged to view the real estate continuing education programs available.

Post Licensing MUST be done in class (unless a post exemption is met). The post licensing course is a practical training program designed to provide attending students with information directly relative to the field and practice of real estate in Nevada. The course is broken into 10 sessions which includes a total of 15 modules. Students who enroll in the post licensing program will be sent an active calendar that allows the student to select the date time and location for the course sessions / modules. Most students take the entire 30 hour seminar in one 3 or 4 day course offering but students are permitted to stagger the sessions based on the necessity of the renewal hours and their timeline. Click here to examine the public calendar

  1. Contracts
  2. Listings
  3. Buyer Representation
  4. Technology
  5. Ethics
  6. Advertising
  7. Equity and Cost Sheets
  8. Agency Relationships
  9. Land
  10. Disclosures
  11. Property Management
  12. Escrow
  13. Financing
  14. Negotiation
  15. Taxes

This course is specifically designed to maintain a student’s understanding of the real estate field and sales process as they progress through their first year of license. The course will provide practical insight into specific situations and how to better serve their clients throughout both the listing and sales process. Nevada requires the student to sign in and out a total of 30 hours to receive the certificate for the post licensing education. Therefore, this course is an attendance required clock hour course. Students may complete the 30 hour course in one session or in multiple sessions. Students taking the course in multiple sessions / months should maintain a personal record of course dates attended.

Once enrolled, the student will be sent an active calendar that allows the student to select the date, time and location of the course offerings. The public calendar only shows classes available wherein if the class is full it would not be reflected on the public calendar. Click here to examine the post licensing public calendar.

Students who only need specific modules may elect to take these specific module within the course calendar.


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