Preparing for livestream video

Some course lectures are provided via live streaming video. This page is designed to assist students with taking steps to ensure their systems are ready for the stream.


Zoom is the primary livestream platform

Use this link to watch a general video as it pertains to the policies surrounding LIVE stream sessions via Zoom when attendance is required.

Use this link to test your system and ensure you have all necessities ready to view all future Zoom presentations.

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Review commonly asked questions and answers pertaining to Zoom live streaming events

Click here for a Guide to changing the name / adding the license number of the student attending in Mobile format

Click here for a Guide to changing the name / adding the license number of the student attending in traditional Computer format

Use Zoom tech support for additional set up and access questions. Click here to access Zoom support.

General Policies Pertaining to Livestream Video

NOTE: Students are NOT required to take classes via streaming video. In most instances, a live offering of the seminar will be offered at another scheduled time. Use your student dashboard at to schedule a live offering if the streaming option is not right for you. Students who attend classes via LIVE stream must continue to honor all policies that pertain to classroom conduct as applicable. Students attending via live stream video must be prepared to participate in the class in real time as the live stream broadcast is designed to be a digital version of the classroom. Students must be present in real time video and audio to receive credit for classes in which live instructional hours are credited upon completion.

The goal with live stream video presentation is to provide the LIVE classroom environment through a digital delivery method. In light of this, the spirit of the classroom environment and the policies thereof remain consistent across delivery platforms.

Though the policies below summarize the expected conduct of the student, school staff or state representatives could prohibit or require additional items as they deem necessary.

Policies are more specific when classroom / LIVE attendance is required to receive the course certificate. Contact the school admissions office if you are unsure as to the LIVE attendance requirement.

Classes wherein state law or regulation does not deem attendance required to receive a certificate of education:

These classes require a final exam to receive the certificate of education. The student can attend as they see fit with no sign in or out. As long as the student does not disrupt the learning environment for other students, the student can take and access the LIVE stream as they see fit.

Classes wherein state law or regulation does deem attendance required to receive a certificate of education:

These classes are attendance based. The student must be in attendance to receive a certificate of education. The goal of the live stream is to mimic the classroom presentation as much as possible in this type of course. The student must be present and said presence must be observable (video and audio) by the school and any staff appointed to monitor attendance.

A summary of common policies include but are not limited to:

In accordance with the provisions of NAC 645.4438, to receive a certificate of completion and credit, a licensee must direct their attention to the instruction being provided and refrain from engaging in activities:

1. Unrelated to the instruction.

2. Which are distracting to other students or the instructor.

3. Which otherwise disrupt the orderly conduct of a class.

In addition to the requirements above, licensees attending a course via livestreaming for credit:

1. Are encouraged to have a copy of and understand where to access the course handouts when applicable. 

2. Must always display their cameras while the class is in session, excluding breaks predetermined by the timed outline. The camera must show the students face without a mask or any other device that may hinder the ability to clearly show the students identity at all times.

3. Must participate and respond when asked to by the instructor.

4. Are expected to conduct themselves as they would in an in-person classroom setting.

5. Must be appropriately dressed for a classroom setting and refrain from engaging in any

activity that would be distracting to the instructor or their fellow attendees (i.e., using electronic devices unrelated to the instruction being provided, driving/riding in a vehicle, cooking, cleaning, etc.).

How and when will a certificate be issued?

  1.  A certificate will not be issued to students who are found to not follow the aforementioned guidelines. 
  2. All courses are recorded and are available for state records/ review when needed 
  3. Certificates are issued approximately 1 business day after the course is completed and will appear in your student account (same online portal the class is accessed at 

Common points of interest related to courses where attendance is required:

Name & License Number: Students must have the their zoom name listed with first name, last name and license number. Use the rename feature to adjust accordingly. Quick Direction: Look for your name under “Participants”, move your mouse over your name, click on rename. If you do not see this option within your window, please call or text me so that I may do it for you.

Camera: To receive credit for class today, the student’s camera must be always on. (If you step away from your desk for a moment, please leave your camera on.) The student must always have their face visible in the camera.

Monitoring class: The auditor of the class is there to ensure that the integrity of the digital classroom environment remains as consistent to the physical classroom environment as possible. The instructor and the auditor will remove students and credit will not be issued if a student does not honor traditional classroom code of conduct and tries to circumvent the ability to complete the clock hour requirement.

Certificates: Certificates are traditionally posted 1 business day after course completion

Streaming Contacts

LIVE stream / ZOOM support

EMAIL is the Primary Contact for students who are trying to reach course auditors and instructors:

General Zoom Tech support


Stream Support phone wait times can be extensive. Key Realty School strongly recommends watching the help videos under the Zoom section of this webpage

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