Nevada REAReal estate agents are salespeople with a human touch. You’re not simply selling houses and finding houses for buyers, you’re helping clients achieve their dreams—possibly their biggest dreams. Whether you’re helping a young couple purchase their first home or a helping a retired person sell the family home to move into a luxury condo, you’re moving much more than sticks and bricks.

With that in mind, and knowing that you have this drive to be that agent of hope, you’ll want to make sure your skills stand out. Let’s face it—there are quite a few agents out there vying for clients. How will you stand out?

Take advantage of ongoing education opportunities. The greater resource you can be to each client, the more likely they are to refer others to you. Referrals should represent a relatively high portion of your business.

Network always. Expanding your reach is always critical. Whether you’re socializing at your child’s school event or you’re at a corporate happy hour, have a positive attitude that focuses on simply connecting with people. The more people who know what you do and view you as a kind person and a consummate professional, the more likely they are to turn to you when they have a real estate situation.

Build referral partnerships. From handymen that can help make a home more marketable to loan officers who will help your clients get funding, having a reciprocal relationship with these professionals is a great way to build your business and position yourself.

Follow success. Look for a mentor at your office or at least a buddy that you can work with to grow your business. This will help you stay on top of things and be accountable.