Manufactured Housing App

The Requirements: The Nevada Manufactured Housing Division requires the 8 hours of approved continuing education every renewal period. Key Realty School is a Nevada Manufactured Housing Division authorized provider and has created a package that is designed to specifically satisfy the education renewal requirement.

The Process: The continuing education student will be sent the total number of hours enrolled in. The course set can be sent via email (PDF Files) or shipped as physical text. Each course will contain specific information outlined for study. Once a student feels confident with the information in the workbook, the student will take a quiz to receive the certificate of education. The quiz can be taken Online, via fax or in person at Key Realty School. Students testing online can print out certificates and thus complete the entire educational process online. Use the testing link below for additional information about testing to receive your certificate for these courses.

Students testing online can print their own certificates!

Testing with Key Realty School

The Topics: The 8 hour renewal kit consists of 2 primary topics: Agency and Ethics


The Tuition: The 8 hour renewal kit is $65 in tuition.