Renew your Nevada manufactured housing license.

We are an authorized provider for Nevada Manufactured Housing Division.

Continuing Education

With the exception of Specialty Servicepersons and Manufacturers, all licensees are required to complete 8 hours of continuing education every two years.

Existing manufactured housing licensees can take their continuing education at Key Realty School.

Qualifying Education

Nevada does not require any official Manufactured Housing qualifying education. Applicants are required to complete the licensing process directly with the Nevada Manufactured Housing Division.

Manufactured Housing - Continuing Education Package


8-hour continuing education designed for students seeking to renew their Manufactured Housing license.


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The course content will be delivered via email. Once a student feels confident with the information in the workbook, the student will take a quiz to receive the certificate of education. The quiz must be taken online. Students testing online can print out certificates and thus complete the entire educational process online.