nevada real estateIf you have achieved success as a real estate agent in a state other than Nevada, you are on the fast track to securing your Nevada real estate license. If you meet the following criteria, you don’t have to take all of the real estate license classes that new Nevada agents are required to complete.

  1. You hold or once held a real estate license in another state.
  2. You have completed at least 72 hours of real estate license classes.
  3. You can prove that you have completed at least 72 hours of real estate training.

If you have already completed that amount of training in real estate practices and principles, you can sign up for our 18-hour Law Course. This course is designed specifically for experienced, trained agents moving into Nevada and seeking a license. This saves you money and time, since you don’t have to repeat basic real estate training that you have completed in the past.

Are you ready to start the next phase of your real estate career? You were successful in your previous state of practice, and you will find just as much success in the Nevada market. Whether your interests rest in commercial or residential real estate, completing the adequate training is the first step to moving your career forward. Welcome to Nevada!